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Henckel Knives, Cutting edge quality and precision

No kitchen is complete without a fine set of cutlery to make all your cooking related tasks easier and more efficient. The name J.A. Henckels is synonymous with high quality knives and cutlery around the world and their same commitment to producing the finest products is as evident today as it was 275 years ago.

The principle behind their company has always been customer satisfaction and this long tradition is still part of their manufacturing process today. Using innovative technology and advances in manufacturing has allowed Henckels to grow into the modern company it is today. The classic design and drop forged construction have long been part of their manufacturing process and it is these techniques that enable them to provide a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship. There are many knives available on the market today but we are going to show you some examples of Henckel cutlery and let you know why they are found in restaurants, commercial kitchens and homes around the world.

Classic 4 inch Parer/Utility Knife

A necessity in the kitchen this small, versatile knife features a slim blade, centre tip and straight cutting edge. Perfectly suited for peeling, cutting, and cleaning of fruits and vegetables, this knife also is essential in creating elegant garnishes. In addition this knife can also be used for preparing meat and larding. Retail priced at $44.00.

Classic 8 inch Chef’s Knife

No kitchen would be complete without this precision made cutting instrument. This sturdy, heavy knife features a strong, broad blade and fine cutting edge. Professionals and hobby chefs alike find this knife great for cleaning vegetables, chopping, and mincing herbs. A terrific value at just $80.00.

Twin Select 8 inch Bread Knife

This knife combines function and design is a beautiful package. This forged blade knife features a stainless steel handle and ergonomic design that results in elegance and ease of use. Constructed for cutting bread and other soft foods with a tough skin or crust this knife will provide years of reliable use and all for a price of only $132.00.

Twin Select 7 inch Santoku

Any gourmet kitchen would certainly find a need for this finely crafted Asian-type knife. This hollow edge knife features a broad blade and exceptionally sharp cutting edge for preparing meat, fish and vegetables. Its stainless steel handle and forged blade make this more than a knife, it is an important tool in creating the finest meals, and its hollow edge allows for extra thin cutting. This knife is reasonably priced at $138.00.

Twin Cuisine Deluxe Asian Knife Set

This fantastic set includes a 3 inch Hollow Edge Paring Knife and 7 inch Hollow Edge Santoku Knife. These fine cutting instruments can provide you with all you need to create a fabulous Asian-inspired meal in no time. The Paring Knife is perfect for peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables and the Santoku Knife has threefold uses such as preparing meat, fish and vegetables. The fine-polished razor edges on these knives will give them one-of-a-kind sharpness for even the thinnest cutting. In addition these knives have a balanced bolster for proper weight and safer, more professional cutting. The handles full horizontal tang and polypropylene grip will provide a safe and comfortable grip throughout its use. This knife set is retail priced at $220.00.

Miyabi Pro 9 inch Yanagiba Knife

This knife is finely crafted and features a sharp, asymmetric blade that is honed on one side only, and hollow ground on the other for a non-stick effect. The solid steel blade with single bevel makes cutting effortless and the D-shaped handle provides comfort and exceptional grip. This knife is perfect for filleting and cutting thin slices, just like a traditional sashimi knife. This knife combines craftsmanship and performance with the artistic grace of Japanese cooking. Retail price for this amazing piece of cutlery is $290.00.

We have looked at a variety of the fine cutlery available from Henckels and there are many more options that may better suit your needs and cooking style. These knives are available from fine retailers and online shops as well as some models can be purchased directly from Henckels International. Don’t sacrifice quality when it comes to purchasing cutlery as the better equipment you have then the better the results will be.